EEMA Digital Day—The Day to Decode Virtual Experiences

“EEMA Digital Day,” India’s biggest digital conclave was organized on 24 Nov 2020 on Dreamcast’s virtual event platform.

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EEMA D-Day decoded virtual event experiences and discussed how the coronavirus pandemic has been the catalyst for such a transformation. The event holds an extensive portfolio of knowledgeable speakers who shared their insights and discussed virtual event solutions. The thought for organizing the 1st EEMA virtual event to create a virtual marketplace was planned months ago by Roshan Abbas, the president of EEMA; however, it came to life recently.

The EEMA virtual event was a one-day event and consisted of many engaging sessions and topics. The speakers talked about the most creative and innovative ideas to transform live physical events into a virtual space. Throughout the event, discussions went around how immersive technology and most creative and innovative ideas helped in levelling up brand experiences. The event showcased how virtual reality has been helping organizations and brands in scaling up their virtual live investment. EEMA D-Day discussed how virtual has become the new trend and how quickly people adapted to new changes. With the change in dynamics, work from home scenarios and online learning came to life. It has been discussed in one of the most engaging sessions of EEMA D-Day. The event threw light on what the future holds and how live events look like once they will come back. The event even talked about the need for hybrid amalgamation in the near future.

Engaging sessions in a day-long virtual conference had interesting topics to bridge the gap between in-person and digital events. However, it helped in unlocking the future. The event kick-started with a welcome note for attendees and addresses by Roshan Abbas, President, EEMA; Deepak Pawar, Secretary, EEMA; and Partha Sinha, President, Response, Bennett Coleman & Company Ltd (BCCL).

Roshan Abbas, President, EEMA, welcomed the virtual attendees to EEMA D-Day, who navigated their way to attend the sessions at EEMA D-Day. He gave a brief overview of what the day-long virtual conference holds and how virtual has become the new normal.

“EEMA D-Day is the first of its kind of digital day that brings the best in the marketing, best in content, best in experiential, and best in events together,” says Roshan Abbas.

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He further mentioned that, “It is no secret that up to 30% incremental revenue will be possible for all of us in the event business once physical events come back.”

A keynote address on the session “Beyond 20/20: The Future” by Rajan Anandan

 In this engaging session “Beyond 20/20: The Future,” Rajan Anandan, the managing director of Sequoia Capital delivered a keynote address.

Anandan discussed during the session how quickly people around the world adopted virtual life and transformed completely. He talked about how the virtual has become a new trend and the idea of work from home and online learning came to life for 500 million people. He threw light on how the consumer’s behaviour and business strategies transformed during the times of global pandemic.

“When live physical events will be back in the future, it will be bigger than before,” says Rajan Anandan. He talked about how advanced technology and digital media have uplifted brand experiences over time. Anandan clearly talks about the merits of virtual events during the session. When a brand organizes a digital event, the engagements are exponentially high when compared to traditional events. The digital event enables attendees to access the event virtually from anywhere without travelling, thus resulting in boosting digital engagements. Anandan further says that virtual events are much more scalable, measurable, and have a wider reach when compared to historical events.

In this session, he discussed how attendees worldwide are accessing the event from their respective remote locations. He further added that the brands will leverage hybrid events in the near future and once the offline is back, it will be bigger than before.

The Hybrid Amalgamation of Physical and Virtual Events

India’s biggest digital conclave “EEMA D-Day” holds discussions about the power of physical experiences and the reach of virtual events.

Roshan Abbas discussed the hybrid amalgamation of physical and digital events” and how industries can utilize it. He further talked about how the clients today ask for creative and innovative solutions that hold the power and benefits of both the physical as well as virtual events. Deepak Pawar clearly stated, “Virtual events are not a substitute for on-ground events, but are here to stay for good and do good to the experiential industry while connecting brands to their TG.” EEMA D-Day was organized to influence and inspire people to adopt virtual ways. Do not miss out on the endless opportunities offered by digital events and upscale your brand experiences.

Extensive Portfolio of Panellists to Discuss Intricate Aspects of Virtual Event Spaces

EEMA D-Day holds an extensive portfolio of panellists who have discussed the intricate aspects of virtual spaces in sessions. The most popular faces from the entertainment and sports industry were also part of the event. Actor Boman Irani, Former Cricketer Kapil Dev, Actor-Comedian Vir Das, and Singer and Music Director Shankar Mahadevan were the top highlights of the event. Apart from them, other speakers of the event included Hitu Chawla, CMO, Microsoft India; Deepali Nair, CMO, IBM India & South Asia; Rahul Dutta, Head of Marketing, HP India; Santosh Desai, MD & CEO, Futurebrands; Shreyas Srinivasan, Founder & CEO, Paytm Insider; Arjoon Bose from Haagen Dazs; Gaurav Gupta, CCO, MG Motor India; Khushboo Benani, Content, Influencer Engagement & Brand Advocacy Head, Diageo; Evelyn Mora, Founder of the Helsinki Fashion Week and many more.

How Technology and Content Support Each Other

One of the most engaging sessions at EEMA D-Day was “Tech V/S Content. How One Can Support The Other.” The session holds a list of panellists who have talked about how virtual has been a trendsetter. They clearly shared their views on how technology and content go hand-in-hand and are an important part of virtual event success.

“The content is an important part of an event but so is the technology to enhance and take it to the next level. Having the right kind of marriage between the two is a must” says the panellist Nanni Singh. “D-Day exemplified the resurgence of the events industry through a collaborative spirit of event agencies, marketing gurus, technology experts, and content creators. The convergence of brilliant minds and ideas promises to pave the way for D-Day to be a strong platform enabling brands to fortify their equity in the new normal. D-Day also unravelled the “C” quotient, reaffirming the faith of celebrities and the entertainment industry at large.” says Vinod Janardhan, one of the panellists of EEMA D-Day.