A Jumbo Slayed

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I stood stoic, by the stream, before I could hold no more,

And limbs gave weigh, they’d always been strong,

I ask of those responsible for my gore,

Where did I and my unborn calf go wrong?

Progeny of a free land I was,

Bound only by the joy of coexistence,

In a land sans boundaries I couldn’t cross,

With food for all beings, in abundance.

Your kind laid siege on our unblemished pasture

You revered us in temples, but poached us from our home,

Fed us fruits laden with gunpowder,

Made us captives, no more free we could roam.

Your murderous acts shall not be pardoned,

We look up to you with amity, only to be betrayed,

By the forces of nature, shall you be bludgeoned,

For it wasn’t just me, but was humanity by you slayed.