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Delhi Post is a unique and innovative digital media platform, which caters to readers across strata and deals with issues that are of political, cultural and socio-economic relevance. Its readership includes all sections of society, with the emphasis particularly being laid on the younger generation. This offers a unique opportunity to advertisers to reach out to multiple section of population!

We ensure that your brand reaches to the right audience through our decorated ad space without cluttering it with too many ads, and help you to scale up your business!

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You can trust on us that your ad for new recruitments reaches the right section of people and you find the right candidates. We have dedicated spaces for commercial, MNC and development sector job ads!

We offer competitive and economical pricing for our ad space while we ensure impactful results!

For Advertising, below are the ad specifications

Header Advertisement    : 838 (Width) X 100 (Height) in Pixels

Sidebar Advertisement   : 300 (Width) X 250 (Height) in Pixels

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