About Us

About Us

Delhi Post is a digital media start-up. The Delhi Post is published by the Institute of Poverty and Governance (IPG) – a multidisciplinary think-tank. The IPG is an independent and non-partisan organisation based in New Delhi. The IPG Board consists of eminent academicians, development experts and parliamentarians across political spectrum.

The declining trend of print media is the fact; yet this does not spell the end of journalism. However, media is increasingly shifting to new medium; for example, the post-war era saw the emergence of electronic and broadcast media, whereas the 21st century is marked with the trend of digital news media and web news portals. The steady increase of digital journalism finds its space amongst internet users who are growing at breathtaking rate. At present, India has the second largest internet users’ base in the world, and it is fast growing.

News media has its own place in a democracy. It can best fulfil its functions in a democracy if there is a rich and pluralistic information environment that is easily available to all citizens.

There are already good numbers of web news portals in India. However, the idea behind the Delhi Post is to combine the mainstream trend with alternative and innovative approaches in the new media arena. DP will offer resilient approaches by combining development sector issues with mainstream news, insights, and politics.

We do not support any political parties or candidates. We do not support directly or indirectly any party political campaigns or party activities in any form.

Our Team

Vinod Bhanu is the Founder and Chief Editor of the Delhi Post. He is a Lawyer by training and has been a political and development consultant/advisor to several Parliamentarians and organisations. He has been associated with the development sector for over two decades. Bhanu has developed expertise on comparative parliamentary studies and legislative advocacy, and he regularly contributes to leading English dailies and research journals such as EPW. He can be reached at @vinod_bhanu

Ramesh Babu is a senior journalist and Senior Correspondent at Delhi Post based in Tamil Nadu. He can be reached on twitter@Axewords

BF Firos is an Associate Editor with the Delhi Post. He is a journalist and prolific writer with more than 16 years of experience. Firos has worked with several media houses such as The New Indian Express, Cyber Media, MIDDAY, etc. in varying capacities. After three years’ stint as reporter/correspondent with the various bureaus of The New Indian Express in Kerala, he worked with Cyber Media as content editor, and as chief sub-editor with MiDDAY newspaper, both in Bangalore. Then he edited a travel trade magazine based out of Bangalore and turned it around into an industry-focused publication. A passionate journalist and writer, Firos likes to write on global geopolitics, social issues, business, travel, and so on. He can be reached at @BF_FIROS

Divya Sethi is an Assistant Editor at the Delhi Post, was awarded her M.Phil degree from the Centre for Historical Studies (CHS), JNU and currently pursuing her Ph.D. She has been associated with the Centre for Legislative Research and Advocacy (CLRA). She was also worked as an Associate Editor with the Centre for Advocacy and Communication (CAC), Media Today.

Dr. Sugathan Ratnamuthu is a Consultant Editor at the Delhi Post.

Advisory Council:

The role of the Advisory Council (AC) is to guide and lead the programmes and policies of the Institute of Poverty and Governance. AC is not responsible for the selection of the stories/news or the contents in the Delhi Post. Delhi Post is editorially independent of the Advisory Council.

Mr. K C Ramamurthy: He is a Member of Parliament  (Rajya Sabha). He retired as the Inspector General of Police, Bangalore. He has been a recipient of numerous awards including the President’s Medal for Meritorious Service. He is also serving as the Chairman of the CMR Group of Institutions & CMR University and the President of the Board of Governors, Ekya Schools in Bangalore.

Prof. K. Srinath Reddy: He is currently President, Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI) and formerly headed the Department of Cardiology at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS).  He was appointed as the First Bernard Lown Visiting Professor of Cardiovascular Health at the Harvard School of Public Health in 2009. He is also an Adjunct Professor of the Rollins School of Public Health, Emory University and Honorary Professor of Medicine at the University of Sydney.  He is also serving as Advisor on Health to the Government of Odisha, with the rank of a Cabinet Minister.

Dr. Vikas Mahatme: He is a Member of Parliament  (Rajya Sabha). He is a well known eye doctor and a social worker. He has been a recipient of the ‘Padma Shri’ for his work as an ophthalmologist. He has performed over one lakh eye surgeries and trained thousands of young eye surgeons. He is the Founder of Mahatme Eye Bank Eye Hospital in Nagpur that has performed 80,000 operations free of cost.

R. Rajesh Babu: He is a Professor of Law and Public Policy  at the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta. He holds a PhD in International Law from Jawaharlal Nehru University and specializes on international economic law, dispute resolution, property rights, and investment. He has to his credit several books, book chapters and articles in journals of international and national repute.

Ajay Kumar: He is an Assistant Professor at the University of Dubai. He started his career as a lawyer in India and is qualified to practice law both in India and England and Wales (solicitor). He has also worked at different Universities in the United Kingdom.  His research interests are focussed on International Tax Law (development aspects in particular), Financial Crimes and Law & Development. Dr. Ajay Kumar also works as a consultant with a boutique international tax advisory firm ‘PB First’ in Dubai.