A Solidarity Brief

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Photo credit: Alexey Suslyakov/@caudatecoder

It was a moment
A solidarity brief,
When I had you
And you had me.

I was in a flux;
As my destiny was defined,
But seeing you there
I wanted to defy.

I took one step
And you took three,
And for a moment there I thought
That you could set me free…

You asked me to stay
To which I did obey,
Lonely as we both were
That moment made us sway.

Soon your fingers;
Developed a taste,
Thrilled my body
Resisted to the haste.

It is not even a year now
But still I remember those days;
When I was your betrothed
And then bequeath was conveyed…

Memories of the past;
Slaps hard on my face,
When now after death
Am bound to live again.

It was a moment
A solidarity brief,
But I still get a glimpse
Of the unseen grief.