COVID Wave 3 ft Recovery

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Let’s pray for the departed souls

And encourage the struggling ones

To face what comes

This time just spread another wave

But of happiness

And see how the world stuns.


The story so far has been entwined

In fear, greed, grief, and salvation

The story will be reframed

In love, care, support, and rejuvenation.


When devils focussed on encashing profits

Angels came to rescue

Resolving the conflicts

We will make it through.


This world is new

Good times are waiting in the queue

Even if you are not a doctor, help the sufferer through

Just show them love, care, and make them smile

If not forever

You can change their life for a while!


In the times of darkness

Loneliness, and helplessness

Be the ray of hope for someone

Because happiness requires to be redone.