Digital India Startup Hub to Launch soon

Union Minister of State, Rajeev Chandrasekhar shares PM’s Vision of New India with Startups, Entrepreneurs & Students in Ahmedabad.

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You don’t need a famous last name anymore to succeed in India. Hard work, Grit, and Innovation are only determinants of success. This wasn’t the case when I started my entrepreneurial journey. This is New India that Narendra Modi ji is building. Before 2014, Entrepreneurship was merely an exception rather than a rule or a norm. There has never been a more opportune moment for young Indians to succeed. Thanks to the proactive policies of the Narendra Modi Government and the Government of Gujarat,” said Rajeev Chandrasekhar, Union Minister of State, Ministry of Electronics and IT and Skill Development & Entrepreneurship, speaking at Gujarat University on the topic. ‘New India for Young India: Techade of Opportunities.’

The Minister gave a powerful presentation to a packed auditorium comprising Young Startups, Entrepreneurs, Students and Faculty of the University. The Minister highlighted how eight years of the Modi Government had shattered conventional Narratives about India. “Long back, Indian democracy was associated with corruption and major leakages in the system. A PM in the ’80s gave an infamous statement that out of every 100 paise sent from Delhi to a beneficiary, only 15 paise reaches. Such was the acceptability of the so-called weak and leaky system. But now, thanks to the Digital India programme launched by PM Narendra Modi in 2015, every single rupee is directly transferred into the accounts of the beneficiary living in the remotest corners of the country. We have turned this narrative of Democracy being weak and leaky on its head,” said Rajeev Chandrasekhar

Sharing with young Startups who were inquisitive about Government’s future policy initiatives for Startups, Rajeev Chandrasekhar informed, “Soon Digital India Startup Hub, an institutional framework, shall be established to promote startup ecosystem further and to centrally coordinate startup initiatives at National Level. The Government is making efforts to connect Startups with Government ecosystem so that Government’s procurement requirements can be met with innovative solutions by Startups.”

Inspiring students and Startups to acquire skills in emerging technologies & highlighting the importance of learning Digital Skills for India’s expanding Digital Economy, he added, “Innovation, Innovation & Innovation is the mantra going forward. Innovation is going to drive our future. Our Startups & Entrepreneurs will drive the Indian Economy towards $5 Trillion & Digital Economy towards $ 1 Trillion.”

The presentation was followed by an engaging Question and answer round where students and Startups posed numerous questions covering topics like blockchain, cryptocurrency, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Metaverse etc. The Minister answered the questions to their satisfaction & gave newer insights on some upcoming sectors like Drone Technology, Space sector, etc.

The interaction was very well received by the audience, and the Startups and students were impressed with the spectrum of knowledge that the Minister possessed on the subject matter.

Later, The Minister also visited Pandit Deen Dayal Energy University, where Startups in the energy field showcased their innovations.

During both the interactions, Cabinet Minister for Education and Science and Technology, Government of Gujarat – Sh Jithu Bhai Vaghani and MoS in Gujarat Government Dr Kuber Bhai Dindor, Principal Secretary Higher and Technical Education Sh Haider, commissioner Higher as well as Technical Education, Government of Gujarat were also in attendance.