Humanity is My Religion

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They ask me what’s my religion?
As I belong to the northern region.
Are you a Sikh or a Punjabi, they ask,
Answering this question is quite a task.
I smile and say,
“Humanity is My Religion”
It has always been this way.

I might not know a lot about Krishna or Ram,
Little do I know for the fact the one who destroyed Lanka,
His name was Hanuman.
The fact that’s more important is
“There’s ALI in Diwali, And RAM in Ramzan”
That explains how GOD is one.
That’s why Humanity is my Religion.

They say, “You are Punjabi, we don’t believe you don’t drink!”
They would go making such baseless comments without a blink.
I’m not mad at them, it’s not their fault.
It’s the Indian cinema that’s so bizarre.
Too scared to show the “Real Sardars”.
Sikhism is only religion feeding millions
Every day when situations are so bad.
Just want you to know that Humanity is the religion I ever had.

Sikhism originates from the word “seekh”.
Which means “learner” in Hindi.
The ones who want to learn the art of living
And believing in one true lord.

We already have made world worse by dividing it through borders,
What’s the use of praising the lords
When you can’t help a poor person crying in the corners?
It’s time you look in the mirror
And ask yourself what’s your religion?