I am Running

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I am running towards something,

I am running with all my might.

I know I am running towards nothing,

What I desire is left far behind.


But still I am running,

Because that is what I was taught.

To run and just run towards something,

In the fickle web of worldly thoughts are my wishes caught.


I wish to achieve the innocence i shed off long ago,

I wish to laugh again heartily.

I wish to live like ‘you never know’,

I wish to hear the rivers moving swiftly.


I wish to smell the earth,

But I am too busy running.

I am out of breath,

I am an ego pond horrendously brimming.


My thoughts are clouded,

They sometimes shake me to wake.

The thought of ‘being here forever’ has me surrounded,

But deep down I know what is at stake.


The day will come when there will be a bottomless dark pit at the end,

I would have hard wrinkles instead of a full smile.

I would be brimming with sad ego with no time to make an amend,

Without even an inkling of true love over a mile.


No sea and No land,

Only a dark patch to fall and see a worthless end.