Inside the Frontier

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Today, my country is wailing

But I’m walking

My tiptoes may know otherwise

A complete rest forever

Let it not know if

It was carrying an epistle

Strengthening within every pace

No rut this land could trace out

And, it endures.


A murky smoke covers

Up in the sky

Andit thunders me

I’m engulfed amid thousands spree

Haunted by people procession

I smell as if I’m born today

With the vivid mind

Seeking freedom.


The motherland witnesses

The shroud of you

Some somber relic

In the monument of your despair

It could smell

Within the contour

Of the heightened wound

The nexus is slowly sprouting

To the brim

You creep with your squealing

The line linking

Ravine, hill, stream, mountain and forest

And they despair within its qualm.


I yell miles adrift

My sound could touch

Every moment you mourn

This land feels and I gaze

In an effort to freedom

Let people feel as they are

With the longest squabbling

They have created

Should it move on?

And tweak the thousand words

They have panicked


Healing wound.