Moon Madness

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Photo credit:@vimal_r_radhakrishnan_

Moonlight beckons me
Turning its search light
Like a beacon
Guiding me across ocean.
Waves curling at my feet
I stood watching the moon.

The shadows moved
Inside the moon
Waving to me.
I can hear its murmurs
Sweetly alluring
Just for my ears.

Moon fell into the water
Flickering with waves.
I cupped the moon
In my hands
Fondled it and priced it open.
The shadowy figures inside
Reached out their tendrils
And caressed me lovingly.

The moon floated
Out to sea enticing me.
I walked in a trance
Over the water.
Waves swept me away
Shadows deepened
And pulled me inside.
I opened my mouth and
Bayed at the moon.
The moon and I became one.