My Little One

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Photo credit: RyanFox/Pexels

Hey, my little one

I hope you are at peace today.

For you were the soul that

Stitched whole my broken one.

My tiny one, I can’t say if I had given you

Enough and all, you needed and loved.

And, though you were never created

To bring life to my dead being, to bring

The warm glow to my tarnished soul,

Yet, when they left you over, to

My trembling hands, somehow, they never

Trembled again, as I held on to you.

How could I forget the day

You called me mama – I was born again.

The day you took your first step

My love, you taught me how to walk again.

And when you brought me those

Little purple flowers, that evening

The frills of your blue dress dripping in mud

Your voice dripping in joy – my love

I knew I had, way more than I deserved. Again.

And yet, today, as the cold white walls

Of that wretched building took you in,

The disease that had taken us over

Chained you down to that ugly bed,

To never give you back to me;

As Nature snatched you back, my all!

My puny petulant soul –

Pinned down to ground by Nature’s fury,

My hand trembled in guilt, once again.

My world burnt in Her wrath.

My soul froze to Her cold fury –

Drowned into this vast nothing.

Only to watch and watch and watch –

How yet they never let me watch –

My little life, trapped in those cold walls.

How the disease withered you away

My love, how the disease withered you

Away from me.

Away from me.

Away from me.


Dr Sujoya Datta (Susie WP) is currently working as a COVID doctor. In relation to recent events, she hopes to spread more awareness on mental health. Depression is a disease that can be fought. So do not fight alone – seek help from your close one’s and doctors. To those who might be knowing someone suffering – guide them right – make sure they get the medical attention they need. Mental health is equivalent and the same as your physical health. She hopes she has been able to contribute to this awareness through poetry.