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Maa used to worship Krishna

Krishna… an elfish institute

A magician in symphony of flute

Krishna… the crown with peacock’s feather

A wizard who creates and devastates altogether

Krishna… Vishnu’s eighth incarnation

The God of religious rejuvenation


Maa took me to his temple

A temple with placid musical vibes

A temple with his so-called dancing wives

Their faces were calm but movements were vigorous

Their love for Krishna was pure and mysterious


That night I saw a nightmare

Beasts full of lust were roaming here and there

I got scared

But then he came and took away all my fears

I just saw his magnificent silhouette

It was enough to make me his devotee

That night this Myra broke all the laws

And got married to supremo Shri Krishna


My father gave me in a treaty

I was forced to marry an emperor as he found me pretty

My devotion for Krishna was still the same

All days I just took his name

The emperor died in a war, but I was at peace

This world looked at me as widow, but I was wife of an immortal Devashish


I was forced to embrace the fire

But I chose to dance in Krishna’s empire

Poison became elixir, I could walk on water like land

When it comes to Krishna even snakes become garland


Protection of Krishna was always with me

But his love… he kept vindicating

All I wanted was him

I wanted my sire to fulfill my desires

This longing ignites the inner fire

And tonight this Myra… your so-called wife will dance

I’ll dance until these anklets are torn apart

I’ll dance until your flute doesn’t start

I’ll dance until you accept my heart

I’ll dance until this so-called wife becomes your heart…

I’ll dance until this so-called wife becomes your heart…