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Every canvas of nature, an alluring patient tale

Flora and Fauna, keep pouring into that holy grail

How do I commence this verse, is an arduous question?

Each word ought to be justified, opines the prologue’s accession

Top order comprises oak groves, shuffled by thunderbolt Thor

Their fruits as Acorns, life wheels for woodpeckers, future groves, and more.

Time to shift to fauna, Spiders evidently drew first blood

Exemplary goal clingers, looked up by adults and each bud.

Nonchalantly, a spider falls on my shoulder, I retract from verse steering

Names on my list, I introspect, while their eyes are peering

Thor comes to my rescue, speaks through a roaring thunder

God chosen pearls on patience choker, let no man put asunder

Switching to sagacious sermons, Zeus began the down pours

“Many epics and essays, won using patience’s hands as oars

However, those are relic remains, we need people to comprehend its cores

Patience is that tonic, we should make for each dawn

Fire and brimstone could be most cups, yet each sip we should embrace as our own.”