PM Modi Calls for Sunday Shutdown—Janata Curfew

Modi addressed the nation about the Coronavirus outbreak and appealed citizens to follow nine steps to contain the global pandemic.

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PM Modi addressing the nation on COVID-19

Prime Minister Narendra Modi while addressing the nation on the coronavirus outbreak said that amid the coronavirus crisis, it is very significant for every Indian to remain aware and alert. Modi also requested citizens to show responsibility and follow ‘Janata Curfew’ (people’s curfew).

The crux of Modi’s address was advising all citizens of India to practice social distancing. To reduce the impact of the coronavirus outbreak he said to practice the social distancing as no vaccine had yet been discovered; social distancing is extremely important and sadly the only way to prevent the outbreak. He also urged people to follow nine steps to contain the pandemic. He drives attention to the need for the citizens to stay at home for the next few weeks and avoid going outside unless necessary. People above the age of 60 years should strictly stay at homes only.

Janata Curfew

Prime Minister Narendra Modi called for Janata Curfew on Sunday 22March 2020, stressing on resolve and restraint. He urged citizens to follow Janata Curfew from 7 am to 9 pm on Sunday 22nd March. This will help us to chart the way ahead for tackling coronavirus in India. He also asked the citizens to pay respect to the people like medical staff, airline staff, government servants, media person working day and night and giving huge service to the nation during such a tiring time.

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On 22nd March, all citizens should acknowledge and salute their efforts by standing in balconies and at the door and clap or ring bells for five minutes as an appreciation.

Economic Response Task Force under the Finance Minister

Acknowledging the salaried class and daily wage earner suffering, Prime minister urged the business community and higher-income groups to look after the economic needs of the lower-income group from whom they take various services. A COVID-19 Economic Response Taskforce will be formed under the Finance Minister to look after the economic crisis.

Delhi Metro

Modi asked citizens not to store the essential items like milk, food, medicine, etc. He assured the citizens that there will not be any shortage of essential items. He exhorted everyone to come together, work together and contributes fully to overcome the crisis of COVID-19.

He stressed more on the importance of humanity during the corona outbreak: ‘During the time of the global pandemic, it is important to ensure that Humanity wins and the spirit of India complements the humanity’.

Global Challenges for COVID-19

WHO says, ‘this is the time for facts, not fears, this is the time for science, not rumours, this is the time for solidarity, not stigma’. The outbreak caused by the Noval Coronavirus has been declared a public health emergency. The official name of the Noval coronavirus is known as SARC-COV 2 (Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2) and the disease caused by SARC-COV 2 is known as COVID-19. The outbreak of respiratory disease caused by a Noval Coronavirus was first detected in Wuhan city, which is located in Hubei Province of China. The sources of the Corona Virus is believed to be Wet Market in Wuhan City, China, which sold dead and live animals like pigs, cattle, camels, cats, dogs, bats and some birds. Such market poses a heightened risk of viruses jumping from Animals to Humans. According to WHO, there are 2,30,051 confirmed cases globally with a death toll of 9,388 and a recovery of 86,256 as of now.

Corona Virus is the infectious agents that cause pneumonia-like illness. Corona Virus is a family of virus that cause disease in animals and is carried to Humans. WHO announced COVID-19 as dangerous and around 20 per cent of confirmed cases have been classed as severe or critical. So far, around 15–20 per cent of the reported cases have been classed as ‘severe’ and the current death rate varies between 0.7–4 per cent depending on the location. The Corona Virus COVID-19 affected 177 countries and territories around the World and One International Conveyance (the Diamond Princess Cruise Ship harboured in Yokohama, Japan).

China reported the highest number of people affected by Coronavirus COVID-19 with 80,928 total cases followed by Italy with 35,713, Iran with 18,407, Spain with 17,395, Germany with 13,979, the USA with 10,781 and India with 198 cases till today.

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There are total four stages of Corona Virus Outbreak.First stage (Imported case) is the people who visited India from virus hit countries. Second stage (Local transmission) is those who come in contact with patients who have a travel history. Third Stage (Community transmission) is that person who has a recent travel history, but is not quarantine living in their community. And the last stage is that the epidemic stage, where COVID-19 widespread in a community in a short time.

India reported its first confirmed cases from Kerala in a student who was studying in Wuhan University and is now tested positive after she returned to India. And four persons were isolated after identifying the symptoms of the Noval Coronavirus.

India is in the second stage of the virus outbreak and to prevent it, Health Ministry issues an advisory regarding Social Distancing. It is for our own benefits that we have been advised to stay away from the crowd and quarantine ourselves in the house. The government has banned the entry of passengers from European Union Countries, Turkey and The UK, also all Visashave been suspended.

PM Modi also recently took the initiative to host a video conference meet with leaders of all SAARC member nations and discuss India’s effort and action plan to limit the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a voluntary contribution from SAARC members and India pledged USD10 million towards a COVID-19 emergency fund.