PM Modi Inaugurates New Nalanda University Campus in Rajgir, Bihar

"Nalanda symbolizes India's academic heritage and vibrant cultural exchange. It represents a revival of India's past and a shared heritage with many countries worldwide and in Asia."

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In a significant move that promises to revitalize India’s historical legacy and modern educational aspirations, Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the new campus of Nalanda University at Rajgir, Bihar. This event marked a notable chapter in the institution’s long history. Once a beacon of learning in ancient India, it is now poised to become a global education hub.

The new campus, a collaborative endeavour between India and the East Asia Summit (EAS) countries, was unveiled in the presence of several eminent personalities, including heads of missions from 17 countries. Highlighting the international significance of the event, the Prime Minister also planted a sapling, symbolizing the growth and flourishing of knowledge and wisdom.

Prime Minister’s Vision and Commitment

In his address, Prime Minister Modi expressed his gratitude and delight in visiting Nalanda within ten days of commencing his third term. He underscored the importance of this visit as a positive indication of India’s developmental journey. “Nalanda is not just a name; it is an identity, a regard. It is the proclamation of the truth that knowledge cannot be destroyed even though books would burn in a fire,” he remarked, emphasizing the indestructible nature of knowledge.

PM Modi spoke passionately about the revival of Nalanda University, noting that its reconstruction near the ancient ruins showcases India’s ability to rejuvenate history and introduce its capabilities to the world. He highlighted that the revival of Nalanda is not only about Indian heritage but also about its global legacy, acknowledging the contributions of friendly nations in the Nalanda project.

Educational and Cultural Heritage

Reflecting on Nalanda’s historical significance, PM Modi pointed out that it was once the epicentre of India’s cultural and educational traditions. He stressed that the essence of Nalanda—the continuous flow of knowledge and education—remains integral to India’s educational philosophy. “Education is beyond boundaries. It teaches values and thought while giving it shape,” he said, underscoring the ancient tradition of admitting students irrespective of their identities and nationalities, a tradition that the new Nalanda University aims to uphold.

The Prime Minister expressed satisfaction that students from over 20 countries already study at Nalanda University, embodying the concept of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’—the world as one family. He said this is a testament to India’s enduring tradition of treating education as a tool for human welfare.

Sustainability and Innovation

PM Modi highlighted the university’s commitment to sustainability and noted that the Nalanda Campus is a pioneering model of Net Zero Energy, Emissions, Water, and Waste. This aligns with India’s broader environmental initiatives like Mission LiFE and the International Solar Alliance. He emphasized that progress and environmental stewardship can go hand in hand, a principle the new campus embodies.

Transforming India’s Educational Landscape

Prime Minister Modi connected the development of education with economic and cultural roots, reflecting on the global experience where educational advancement has led to national development. He spoke about India’s transformative goals, aiming to become a developed nation by 2047, with education at the forefront of this mission.

“My mission is that India becomes the centre of education and knowledge for the world,” PM Modi declared, outlining initiatives like Atal Tinkering Labs, the Chandrayaan and Gaganyaan missions, and the Startup India movement, which has significantly boosted scientific interest and innovation in the country. He also highlighted the impressive growth in educational institutions, patents, research papers, and funding over the past decade.

Global and Local Impact

The Prime Minister noted the improved performance of Indian universities in global rankings and the substantial increase in premier institutions like IITs, IIMs, and AIIMS. He discussed the New Educational Policy’s role in reshaping India’s educational landscape and fostering collaborations with foreign universities, ensuring that Indian students can access world-class education at home.

Looking Ahead

In conclusion, PM Modi highlighted the responsibility of Nalanda’s students and scholars to shape the future. He called on them to embody the ‘Nalanda Way’—a commitment to curiosity, courage, and kindness—and work towards positive societal change. He expressed confidence that Nalanda’s knowledge would guide humanity and that its students would lead the world in the coming times.

Thus, the inauguration of the new Nalanda University campus is a testament to India’s rich educational heritage and its aspirations to become a global educational powerhouse, bridging ancient wisdom with modern innovation.