The Sacred Voyage

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Stranded on smoldering shore is a cerulean-skinned Sea Nymph

Betrayed in peekaboo, Nymph’s tail was bitten by a shark.

Hence, Nymph imposed self-exile,

Lived under disguise in cosmopolitan isle.

Once she saw a paper-boat, floating along grinning ripples

Her surreal glance, transmutes paper boat into an inflatable

A silver-soaked baby angel, was perched on that inflatable.

Startled, Nymph realizes, he is a baby Seraphim, perhaps abandoned.

Nymph’s eyes welled to see his trembling palms.

She cuddled him; twilight sky glimmered in their hallowed embrace.

Both yearned for respective havens, inflatable however the only vehicle.


A lightning bolt, an empyrean indicator, advocates sky route

Ecstatic beams emanate from Seraphim’s face

The blue iris landscape outside his tree- house

Seemed to wave at him through the celestial gaze.

Meanwhile, the kaleidoscope called infinite confirms, demise of Seraphim’s mother.

Pallid and stone washed, Nymph writhes in that heart-wrenching jolt

Her fin wounds by now looked like sodden purple-oozing dents

But her flowing tresses shrugged those blood clumps.

The steely resoluteness in Nymph’s eyes affirmed,

That baby Seraphim has found a new mother.