The Third Sex

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Photo credit: Sharon McCutcheon/@sharonmccutcheon

Was born and disowned
Sometimes thrown out after a little affection
An immortal societal rejection

Left all on my own
No support no home
Forbidden from education
Debarred from occupation
Can’t even sell my own body for prostitution

A million eyes look at me with exasperation
A million eyes look at me with petrification
A million thoughts eat me up with hesitation and impotation

I did no harm anyone neither I want to
I just want to feel loved and accepted but no one wants to

All I do is bless this human race
After parturitions and wedding days
Irrespective of their caste and face

You pray to your Gods and Goddesses
Wearing different colors and dresses
Devoting to different energies of masculinity and femininity
Still unaware of the salient reality
The divine power is the beautiful mix of two
You can’t understand it, but that’s true

You have no idea what pain I go through
You never thought of us but we aren’t new
We have always been there, you never knew
With the next sunrise, I will rise and clear up the dew
Because the words do come true.