The Way I Love You…


How much I love you

Words cannot express

The feelings of heart

Only the eyes can reflect.


Eyes are a doorway

A doorway to the soul

Where true feelings reside

Waiting to be explored.


There is a sigh of relief

Whenever I feel you near me,

And my body brims with pleasure

Whenever you touch me.


Without the sound of your funny laugh

The day seems incomplete

And just that smile on your face

Made me taste my glorious defeat.


A simple stroll across the road

Hand in hand makes me sway

And I wish these moments never ends

That is what I always pray.


Your irritating talks make me furious

Though it always acts as a guide

And this is what always made me curious

That how it ever comes to your silly mind.


A simple gesture

A sweet smile

Many tokens of love

And, fights all the time.


This is what makes us going

This is what retains our trust

This is what brings us near

This is what proves us just.


How much I love you

How can I even express?

Because words are not enough

To convey the longing in every breath.