A Fisherman’s Song

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Idream a bourbon with you

Sitting at suite

Will you wave?

When I wait you under the azure sky

Riding boat

This fisherman with the old net

Your swaying hairs

That I saw for years

Think like that’s beckon

I swallow

The face

With a string of feelings

Reverberating over my body

Just to ride the moment

I have been hit

With your firm move

Towards this floating boat

Over the years

Of my longing

Yet never has it faded

I cherish

One world

Dreaming of you

In long evening

For I fish only

I can sell

Enough to get you

This evening

When a sea tide arrives

Here in this place

I think of the sea air

Caresses your fragrance

Little it might help

Me move for

A great tonight

I see sprinkling

A thousand pieces of this sea

Letting the moon witness

The waves of this unruffled evening

With a first kiss under the starry night.