A Nocturnal Odyssey

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The twilight sun, retreats to its nadir,

Moon-rise! Flanked by its twinkling fellowship,

And the darkened groves their softest shadows wear,

The night beckons me with its gentle courtship.

I lay on the dew freshened grass, after,

A day’s worth of masquerade done,

And the night fans a gentle zephyr,

My dolor appears to be bygone.

The stars begin their twinkling monologue,

Through the thinly veil of the night sky,

The night-sound deliver the day’s epilogue,

And where I lay, the fireflies pry.

I lay like a toddler, in the night’s lap,

Serene and lost in my reverie,

And the philomel’s lullaby puts me to sleep,

Amidst the splendor of the night’s glory.