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Art work by: Kayenaat Sandhu

Countless blessings each day every moment

What to mention what to drop

Where to start where to stop


Peeping through my window

Beautiful cool rays of the full moon

Bringing peace, joy like a shady boon


Deep within gratefulness flows

For the wind that blows

Cool breeze touches the brows


My heartfelt thanks to the celestial bodies;

Galaxies, sun, stars in the vast unknown

Blessing us taking away the groan.


So much I owe to my mother nature;

Pitter patter falling rain drops

Sprouting the latent seed and nourishing the crops.


Immense are the marvels of the universe;

Oceans, rivers, lakes, ponds, waterfalls, springs are the lifelines

For all the living beings quenching our thirst cooling down bovines.


I am so grateful to the farms and forests; numerous fruit laden trees plants with musk rose fragrant

Energy, health, taste, happiness all ensured even for a vagarant.


Misty mountains, snow clad peaks and the breathtaking locales;

mesmerising divine beauty, freshness and many a legend

Form a never ending source of rejuvenation and everlasting candescent.


Mountains spread our prayers to the universe

Rain showers carry the answers divine

Reaching out to each thirsty soul like yours and mine.