I am a Lady, for I had a Queen

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Photo credit: Nick Fewings/@jannerboy62

Living in a place,

Where women are looked down upon.

You gave me a space

Where that woman in me saw its dawn.

The wish to be

Among but, out of the crowd;

Developed within me

And today you can be proud.

Am blessed to have you,

A lady first then a Queen.

As you knew how to brew;

Values for a fine gleam.

I have knowledge

For you had wisdom,

I have courage

For you had a vision.

I owe to you my Queen

For my heart is your territory;

Which you nurtured with care,

The fruits of which, I always share.

I bow to you my Queen

For my mind is your subject;

Which you never did dictate,

And the wings of which, made me rare.

I am a Lady;

For I had a Queen,

A woman in her true essence

Mother, you are my dream.