In Search of the Dead Moment

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The moment of my cry!

Still springing over me

As I ran back the glaring reminiscence

A funny fly touched my eye

An amazing feeling, body quivered

And a wave of hoarse sounds of infancy

Murmured in my ear

The nature made me dumb and blind

Though I was not my own creation

Blew in its light in freedom


My cry from birth to the third year

Were but a vague memory

I now rushed to find the moment

Whenever I was with my innocence

My mind recounted towards the years

And mind blows in a cool grin

Till silence prevailed


My birth to the land

The sacred gift of glory

The moment of closing eyes

It’s remained unchanged to see

As my ears were bearing echo


Keeping me on my past

Was I hurting my mother?

Oh! She was the pawn of nature

Her mind always in my eyes

And my innocent eyes playing

Beyond the world.


Tears in my eyes along with past

It stopped when I felt

Could I ever hear by my naked ears?

To make my mind as fair as blue sky


I ran my line along with moment

As free as highway in loneliness

To bring a point of my cry

To know what I didn’t hear

I should wipe out the teardrops

From my mother’s eyes

In my privilege over my past


Yet, I was living with my nature

In search of my dead moment

I shouted through my voice, forlorn

To see and feel my infancy


In my mother’s liberty

My eyes would gaze in her eyes

I would be transmitting my sound

Beseeching with a continuous echo

Staying beyond my privilege

Waiting for my dead moment.