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Hustle and bustle everywhere

No sign of content and rest.

Sounds of horns jamming my ears

The sweet melody of birds lost somewhere.


Bright lights instead of the moon

Conditioned air instead of a cool breeze

Sounds of construction instead of rustling leaves

Heavens where I have been…


Doubtful eyes haunting me

Of who can I be?

Some seem busy with themselves

And some busy trespassing.


Restricting me to myself

Why I can’t just dance carefree?

Killing my desires for someone

Someone who will never be.


My life seems like a kite

Controlled by the demands of the society

Wishing waiting longing for a storm

To cut and set me free.


And as the night falls

Gleaming lights laugh at my thoughts.

As a storm can only destroy

Displacing you to lands unknown,


Alas! There I need to be…