Live For Today

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Bloom like a flower

Who knows she would

Wither tomorrow anyway.

Go out of that comfort zone

Like pupa that re-enters the world again

Like a butterfly –

Gracefully ignorant of his

Stunning colourful beauty

Save for yourself

Like that tiny ant

Whose size doesn’t matter-

She can carry the weight, anyway

Be anything but a human –

He is always chained to his past.

Just live for today – for,

Tomorrow is again, another today.


Dr Sujoya Datta (Susie WP) is currently working as a COVID doctor. In relation to recent events, she hopes to spread more awareness on mental health. Depression is a disease that can be fought. So do not fight alone – seek help from your close one’s and doctors. To those who might be knowing someone suffering – guide them right – make sure they get the medical attention they need. Mental health is equivalent and the same as your physical health. She hopes she has been able to contribute to this awareness through poetry.