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Imiss strangers
More than friends.
The old man who pass by,
And gives me a smile.

The woman who sit beside
And ask if I’m taken.
The man who sits opposite
And gives a look as if
I’m the most beautiful.

The little boy with his mom
Who looks at my biscuit
And whispers a secret.
The couple who looks at me
As if I am a spy
And they are some sly.

The shopkeeper with hopeful eyes
And those hopeless in the roadside.
The friends who talk aloud
Not bothering I’m alive.

The arrogant baby believing
Smiling to me is some sin.
The hawker who calls out
Someone who thumped
And said sorry.

Someone who picked up
Something for me.
I miss faces, some high, some low.
I miss walking through crowded roads.
I miss people who are not mine at all.