PM Modi Dedicates New Parliament House to the Nation

We are fortunate that we were able to restore the precious Sengol's dignity. Sengol will keep on inspiring us during the proceedings of the House.

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The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, dedicated the new Parliament House to the nation today. The Prime Minister placed the Sengol with Nandi on top in the new Parliament House earlier in the day, facing East-West. He also lit the Diya and gave the Sengol flowers.

Addressing the gathering, the Prime Minister remarked that few moments in every nation’s history are immortalized. The prime minister noted that some days become an indelible stamp of the passage of time. One such day is May 28, 2023. He declared, “Indians have given themselves a present for the Amrit Mahotsav.” The prime minister wished everyone well on this momentous occasion.

According to the Prime Minister, the new Parliament House reflects the hopes and aspirations of 140 crore Indians. According to him, it links willpower to action, policy to realisation, and Sankalp to Siddhi. He also emphasised how the world looks with respect and optimism towards India’s will, its people’s vibrancy, and the vitality of human force in India as the new India achieves new goals and forges new paths. He emphasised that the new Parliament House would draw inspiration from India’s progress for the development of the rest of the world.

The Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi, spoke about establishing sacred Sengol, which was seen as a symbol of service duty and nation in the Chola empire. He noted that India is the principal foundation for global democracy and that democracy is not just a system but a culture, thought and tradition. He also mentioned the Vedas, the Mahabharata and the Anubhav Mantappa of Lord Basweswara, as well as the inscriptions in Tamil Nadu belonging to 900 AD. He noted that democracy is our inspiration, our Constitution is our resolution, and luck runs out for those who stop moving forward, but the fate of those who keep moving forward continues to soar.

The Prime Minister said that after years of slavery, after losing so much, India resumed its journey and reached the Amrit Kaal. “Amrit Kaal is a period of forging new dimensions of development while preserving our heritage. This is Amrit Kaal of giving a new direction to the nation. This is Amrit Kaal of fulfilling innumerable aspirations”, he said. Underscoring the need for new lifeblood for democracy through a verse, the Prime Minister emphasized that the workplace of the democracy, i.e. Parliament, should also be new and modern.

The Prime Minister lamented how decades of slavery deprived India of its golden age of riches and architecture. He claimed that the confident India of the twenty-first century is embracing the past splendour of art. The new Parliament Building, which incorporates Virasat, Vastu, Kala, Kaushal, Sanskrit, and Samvidhan notes, is an example of this undertaking. Additionally, it contains regional specialities from the nation, such as carpets made by Bhadhoi artisans, Maharashtrian lumber, and Rajasthani stone. Every component of the structure bears the imprint of Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat.

The prime minister raised the necessity for a new Parliament and the challenges facing lawmakers in completing work in the current facility. He was happy that the new Parliament House had modern amenities and daylight-filled halls. Along with the four crore dwellings for the needy, the 11 crore toilets, the 4 lakh km of roads connecting villages, the 50,000 Amrit Sarovar, and the 30,000 new Panchayat Bhawans, he also expressed his happiness with these achievements. Additionally, he said delight with initiatives like constructing 30 thousand new Panchayat Bhawans, 50 thousand Amrit Sarovar, and 4 lakh km of new highways connecting communities.

Shri Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, spoke to the country from the Red Fort on Independence Day to emphasize the connection between every Indian and the determination of Swaraj and Gandhi Ji’s non-cooperation struggle. He also mentioned that India will celebrate its “Amrit Kaal,” or 100 years of independence, in the next 25 years. He also highlighted the need for all citizens to contribute to making India a developed country in the next 25 years, and the new Parliament Building would bolster the country’s confidence in its success and motivate everyone to create a Viksit Bharat. The largest democracy in the world would receive fresh life and vigour from the new Parliament House, according to the Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi. He emphasised the significance of the Parliament and expressed the hope that each choice will enhance and support future generations. He also emphasised that the new legislation passed in the new Parliament House will help India become a developed country, aid in eradicating poverty there, and open up new chances for the nation’s women and young people.

The Prime Minister expressed confidence that the new building of the Parliament will become the basis for creating a new, prosperous, strong and developed India. He emphasized the importance of policy, justice, truth, dignity and duty to become stronger. The speaker of Lok Sabha and the Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha were present.