Rainy Night

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Lost and drained in the strange world of thoughts that fight

Just your mind and you walking out in a dark night

Gently,…gently you get distracted by drops of rain

That joined with your tears to kiss them away.

Touched your skin to wash of your sins

To clear the air of melancholy surrounding you

And to quench the thirst of barren years which are blue

Quietly, you heard the rain showers as melodious sounds

Broke the silence around you with its calm, flaring tones

In a musical unit and strings playing the sweetest songs

That will cross countries and home lands for a bright morrow

Purified your heart from despair and all the sorrows

Closing your eyes and smelling the dewy ground

Remembering how you were before life pains came around

Reminding you of your great qualities, and how you lived in peace

You opened your eyes with a beautiful smile

Realized the sun will start to shine in a while

So you chose to walk ahead and leave the negativity behind

Knowing that it was a very blessing rainy night!