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I could hear her muffled shrieks.
Wailing for help and pity…
Her hands pinned down
Writhing for an inch,
Of dignity and life…

I could hear her heart screaming out
In despair and defeat-
“This can’t be true,
This is not happening to me,
Oh God, help me out!
I’m sure they will come!
They had heard me, hadn’t they?”

Yes, we had all heard her shriek.
Every waking day and sleepy night!
In her mother’s womb,
By the doll’s house,
On the bright streets,
And behind the beautiful doors!
Silly little girl!

Yes, her shrieks did deafen us!
But we were told,
“The times are bad
Why poke your nose?
Let it be…”
Well then, let it be.

Let us stay deaf,
And forever dumb!
Shriek, I will not.
Till that one day,
When I penance,
For each one of them-
Her silly little shrieks!