The Cemetery Guard

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Thoughts carry me to new horizons

In search of soulful happiness

Today I am a with cemetery guard

Who assures rest of peace to your beloved ones.


The guard knows that eyes of lives are deceiving

He said morning to a gentleman yesterday

Now he has to dig the grave

And say goodbye.


The life he sees with his own eyes

Becomes a stage for artists to perform

And leave when they are told to.

As for the rest of us he didn’t know

He was also an actor.


His nights are sleepless

With haunting odour of rotten flowers

“Like the flowers rot, the love for someone here will rot”

He pondered.


The guard envies most of his accompanied

Since people cry for them and kiss

On the forehead before letting them turn into dust

He has no one to smile or cry for him.


Dew on top of graves in morning

Are the only scenic beauty he has

The dews talk to him saying we are better

Than the fake tears of living people for dead.


The guard is a contended being

Since he is the only soulful creature amidst the dead souls

His soul is at peace even before death because

He knows a secret…