The Metaphysics of a Journey

Book Review: Journey to the Next Level, Author Kunal Narayan Uniyal, a Mariner, navigates you to the next level of a journey.

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Author: Kunal Narayan Uniyal

The wind blows over the faith of the calm sea. The sea responds with the horrors of men’s greed. Such is the nature of battle everywhere. But what happens to faith in the process? It transforms! And blessed are those souls that survive their deadening cries through either forced or wilful transitioning in a brief timespan. Imagine if the philosophy is so enriched, how profound and undisputable would be any literature evolving from it.

I have often asked the logical explanation behind any age-old beliefs, but no one could ever articulate social palpitations plausibly. I often mistook, and still do, the needs of the worldly ways and its reverie. Yet, no reason answers my calling. Just like we rely on our attachment to things and people when lost, I often turn to the pages of someone’s musings. That is how I discovered this gem titled Journey to the Next Level.

The journey within always begins with the knowledge of without. The cause and effect of being a being is inherent in self, always. Most authors, dramatics, and commoners attempt to portray the ifs and buts of this perplexing journey, but effective evaluation of the same lies in the hands of the self because the self knows the nature of its own circumstances better than anyone else. Omi’s adventure centres on this core fundamental aspect of being.

Kunal Narayan Uniyal’s first ever fiction novel is a commendable portrayal of “All things bright and beautiful/All creatures great and small/All things wide and wonderful/The Lord God made them all.” His earlier works have been nothing less than mesmerizing, but this recent one supersedes them all. Nostalgia, awe, contemplation, mystery, and faith thoroughly rule the plot of the novel and successfully keep the readers engaged. His knowledge of things in past and in present is apt to guide the dwelling subconsciousness of the future. His simplicity is overwhelming and easy to comprehend. His futuristic outlook infuses a feeling of responsibility towards everyone. His passion as a changemaker runs constantly behind the realm of one’s senses.

An aging man in coma is caught in the unknown levels of life after death. A young man voluntarily undertakes the task of rescuing the former’s soul from being lost in transition.

The beauty of old and young in the greater cosmic of life, of how the two are interdependent yet independent, circling around the ways of the world finds a fresh perspective in literature through Journey to the Next Level. In his journey, Omi is encouraged by a mentor to venture into the mysterious path of multi-layered levels of mindscape. Not knowing how and where to go, he gets lost but only to be found. Not knowing whom to trust, he relies on humanity but only to be deceived that helped him make refined choices. Not knowing what to treasure, he learnt to let go of the inessentials. The secrets of existence and how the divine play effects each movement of our life and afterlife form the spiritual strain that keeps the narrative engaging. He not only faces obstacles in his attempt to free a soul, but also undergoes a strenuous fight with himself. He rescues himself in rescuing else. And this is the fundamental aspect of one’s mortal existence. The duality of dependence, the vulnerability of vices, the wholesomeness of wisdom, the grandeur of growing, and the mystics of mannerisms are all puzzling endeavours, which have unfolded through Omi’s characterization. However, the squeezing of all great legends in the story seems a bit too much to handle and process. Those well aware of mythology and its creatures will relate to the development of the story. And those unaware will still be humbled by the amazing story telling weaved by Kunal.

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Omi is you, Omi is me, Omi is every other being, who have forgotten their own reality while imitating the mould of the world around. One cannot escape the burden by accepting the norms that dictate unnecessary open- and close-ended suppositions. The beginning is a bit bumpy as is human life. The hidden path reveals itself upon the acceptance of all state of affairs. Land of the past takes you back to contemplation of factuality before stepping into in the land of mystics. Right when a reader marvels at surreal possibilities, the land of the living dead drags them to the ground. And, then begins the transition from “what if” to “what else.” The ocean of fear has a nostalgic element of the author’s personal experiences which is not very strange to the comma dilemma of the common minds. Further, the land of the awakened mind shatters the dusty layers one by one, paving the way for the inner light. Once the future seems approachable, the meditation required to emerge victorious in the war surfaces gradually. At last, the chain of events recreates the bond of the reversal, gripping and ungripping us all at every turn. Exhausting gets the endeavour somewhere towards the end, but the adventurous zeal keeps the readers’ attention intact. The heart of a poet, the mind of a revolutionist, and the soul of believer are the undenying qualities of the author that find a heightened stature in the book.

The unadulterated strain of purpose for the common good of mankind is clearly emphasized, vivid, and relatable, which is what makes Journey to the Next Level a must read.

Thank you Kunal for such a valuable contribution to the esteemed genre of fiction, encouraging humanity and selflessness. No wonder your artistic delineation makes you stand out and win worldwide acknowledgement. So, don’t wait any longer and grab a copy of yours. Choose a spot of your liking, pour a bowl of your favourite snack and shield yourself from all surroundings before you sit down to start an unforgettable journey. I assure that this journey would be exhilarating and the takeaways from it fulfilling.

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Now that we have had a thorough discussion of Kunal’s fiction novel, I would take my chance to introduce you to his finer sensibility as a human being, forever eager to uplift and drive humanitarian causes, hoping to make a difference. Kunal pledges the royalty of this book to the Zero Thalassemia by 2022 Campaign. The campaign’s goal is to achieve Thalassemia Free India by 2022.

Book: Journey to the Next Level; Author: Kunal Narayan Uniyal; Published by: Story Mirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd; Genre: Fiction; Cover: Paperback; Pages: 248; Price: INR 250.