The song of my mist

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Art work by: Kayenaat Sandhu

A mist or dew drop what was it?
I still think of the days when it came;
Like a flake of snow, it fell on me in an unknown land of peace.
It was new to me: the land, the snow and the flakes
But somewhere, the numbness was pure to me.
It was a serendipity of affairs,
A song of the cooing nightingale
Amidst, the serenity I had forgotten that flakes are frail.
It started vaporising before I could behold it.
But when I looked around, it promised more of it.
With it disappearing, the numbness left it space and I realised the chills it gave all this while.
But it was too late for the pain; I wanted it every now and then.
So, I started running after, ‘my mist, my dew drop and my flake’
The land was barren, far and stretched
My naked feet stretched in pain, blood oozing red and plain.
But, I would never give up, was my swear to God.
Running with every scar and every wound.
All I could see was the snow turning away from me.
It was flickering, fading away;
I tried to stop it, until I realised,
The winter was never coming again
Because lo behold, I was carrying sunlight in my heart
And all it needed to stay was the pleasure of me never walking over it again.
Days have passed, and years shall too pass
Sunshine is finally shining bright through my heart.
I now see clearer sights and hear newer coo of birds.
The sunlight on leaves, with drops of mist;
with a promise to see me again .
The numbness has finally gone and their lives no chills of winter or blood oozing.
The barren lands are adorned with greenery and all they need to stay is sunshine smiling bright through me.
The climax of my heart and mind was meeting unlike the horizon.
But those dreams of flake come passing by,
Whenever I see my sunlight clogged in clouds again.
These hopes are flickering like ‘my mist, my dew drop and my flake’
Sometimes I wish I could see it yet again.
But then I shirk it off
Because oh! I have the sunlight within me which can never be the harbinger of the “winter” I want to keep.