Why Oh Mother!

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I was but a bud

In your womb Oh Mother

Yet to spread my wings

The queen of your heart

A journey, a life yet to start


I was called out names



My wings ripped apart

Pulled out

Leaving me bloodied

The dreams shattered



Why Oh Mother!


I whimpered, I cried

My groans died

Suffocated, deep down in that abyss



A lush fecund life


Why Oh Mother!


The pain of dejection

Those suppurating wounds

Ripping me apart

Into pieces

They sliced my body

They scathed my soul

Mutilated I fell


Beyond redemption

Why Oh Mother!


The hatred in those eyes

The bitter twisted skies

Trampling me underneath

I have been there long enough

My body cocooned in you

One Heart One Soul

But oh!

To hear yourheaving heart


Beset with gloom

Filled with burns

Weakened by your soulful cries

Why Oh Mother!


Its time for a daybreak

Shiny & clear

Leaving behind

The past of fear & pain

Rise from the history’s shame

Bringing the gift of birth

To your child

Be the dream, be the hope

Of the Womb

Let it NOT be a Tomb

Rise Oh Mother!