Woman in Marble

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The woman in marble
Began to come alive
The sculptor stood with
Chisel in hand
Dreaming of creating
The perfect woman.

The curved body
Of a gorgeous woman
Began to take shape
High-peaked breasts
Glistening white.
Thrusting wide hips
Flat stomach
Small belly button.
Hour glass figure.
The woman rose
Venus like
From the pedestal.
The man lusted
After his creation.

The sculptor
Pictured the face in mind
A beautiful one
Eyes that entice a man
Long narrow nose
Slightly parted lips
A wide innocent smile.

Sculpting the head
Challenged him.
An oval shaped head
Long luxurious hair.
He decided on wavy hair
Flowing down to
Reach the hips.

The wavy hair resisted
All attempts in sculpting.
It began to curl
Like snakes over the head.
The sculptor untangled curls
Smoothened it into waves
Within no time
Twirling snakes were
Back in the hair
Flicking their tongue at the artist

He carved the face in trepidation
The face appeared mobile
It changed in his hands
Grew hard and strengthened.
The character of the woman
Began to emerge.

A cruel smile
Formed in the parted lips
Eyes began to glitter
Compelling him forward.
Snakes moved sinuously
Towards him
Tangling in his neck
Twining around his body
Suffocating him.

The woman turned her eyes on him
Eyes like powerful
Torchlight seared him.
The sculptor stood and burned.
His ashes turned into stone.
The woman in white
Walked away.