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Words are weary

Overworked and travel stained.

Constant use and reuse

Severely tested their strength

Long sentences and cliched usages

Have put in their toll.


Words had to rule over letters

With an iron hand.

Letters were often unruly

Mischievous and rebellious

They arranged themselves

On their whims and wills.

Some do not come in time

Some repeat themselves

Causing havoc and ruin

To the house of words.


People differed in handling words

Writers and artists are slave drivers

Making words work overtime.

Politicians and orators extolled words

Exuding sound and fury.

Teachers and scholars are punctilious

Expecting prompt response.

Bureaucrats grinded words

Keeping them chained to the desk

Lovers caressed words

Fondling them into submission.


Words had enough

Let people manage

With minimum letters.

Spelling and punctuation

Are things of past

And grammar a lost soul.

SMS run effectively without words

Emoticons and smileys

Can take their place

And words can take a long rest cure.