You Broke Me!

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You broke my heart and now we’re apart

She only used me and didn’t bother

He hurt me and just left for another.


He killed my dreams,

She drained my energy

Wasn’t enough it seems

She wrote it as quotes

He wrote it as poetry.


A lot of stories I came across

Describing such pains and self-loss

Messed the beautiful lyrics of my song

made me sit and write all along.

Who’s he to tear you up, and make you blue?

Who’s she to push you down

Is this love to you?


Yet, you write love is painful

No, it’s the thought in your head to blame full

Love is beautiful and makes you glow

Apart from that you should say no!


You only need to swim and dive deep inside you

To find the inner beauty within you.

Embrace it, and love it

You will bloom in a bit.


A similar soul will soon find you

But even then, don’t spin to the old you.