A Single Tap Made Someone Brave

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Somewhere in a far-off land

Someone might need your words.

A random post from a random guy

Can question your self-worth.

Are we giving at least one person

The meaning to live and to feel alive?

Are we not ignoring that passé quote

Someone wrote for the people who arrive?

Who cares for a random post

Designed and served in odd colors?

There’re no likes, no shares;

So we do the same.

What’s the harm in following others?

Maybe there isn’t. Maybe it doesn’t count.

The admin perhaps

Even himself isn’t bound

To revisit his post because he brought it for nothing.

So, leave it be; it’ll go in hiding.

But what if he needed a Like?

What if he was broken

Because there isn’t anyone

Who shares his emotions.

What if a betrayal struck him lately

And he is in dark ever since.

What if he’s lost all the hope

To feel, to share, and even to live.

So one day when prone lying on his shabby couch

He bumped into this tool that let him grouch

To himself how bad he can be

Through this ugly design

And he posted it! (He is surprised.)

What on earth, God knows, hit his head?

Will he ever be afterwards even fine?

There are hundreds of views

From fast scrolling eyes

So, expect no stay

For this post doesn’t surprise.

But, surprisingly, you did it –

Isn’t this post cute because it doesn’t obey?

Your one Like made him feel useful someway.

The stretch of surprise was what

One notification gave.

Did it hurt? Did it ask for much effort?

Your single tap and it made someone brave.