Any Way You, In My Verses

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What shall it ought to be called?

I hide your shades in my verses

Or you are read in each word

Or with you, the rhythm converses

Or I reach you frequently, for what my heart urges

Do I endeavour to evict your absence?

Roaming through the images symbolic

Or I get you closer, quashing the distance

Or I wander with you being hypnotic

Along the hills and woods, I create in my poesy alcoholic.

Do I put my heart via my rhymes?

Or I hear you singing in every lyric

When we rove, and mountains we climb

Or I evolve my love, woven in lines metric

Or I submit my devotion, for your onyx-eyes poetic

Might I get your touches I dreamed?

In your existence noticed everywhere

Or I might cherish what I received

Or I wish to hold, if you disappear

Or I make pleas my dear, for being there year by year.