Fatal to Undreamt Reality

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Photo by Niharika Sah

When you know it’s the feel that you can’t fight.
Possessions of yours are never right.
You express your appreciation but
Does anyone ever realise?
Fatal series of your silent voice.

Neither a restart nor a caring heart.
Lone cries of long deserted eyes.
And limping of your tired mind.
Is this the way to survive?
Fatal chasteness of your life.

When you know it’s the deal with no rights.
Distinctions of yours seem not so bright.
You present your negotiation but
Will the mighty cry?
Fatal haste of your lonely price.

Deceit in all that we witness today.
Appeasing grandeur of noble phrase.
Is sadly the truth that will capsize,
Battling woes and Rattling ways.
When fatal to undreamt reality decides.