Five Must-Have Mobile Apps to Manage Your Finances Like a Pro

Money apps are no longer a rarity. In fact, they have become a significant aspect of mainstream personal financial management.

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A sure-shot way towards building a secure future is to understand and implement money management. Now, you must be thinking that since you do not havethorough knowledge about handling finances, you might end up messing up your bank balances and investments.

But this is where, like for all other aspects of your life, you can intelligently use your smartphone to simplify your financial management by using apps. Several efficient, reliable, and easy-to-use money apps are now available both for Android and iOS users. They help ease the task of tracking your income and expenses and offer additional budgeting support. With these apps, you can visit a bank, apply for a loan, and even ask for an insurance claim right from your home.

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Below are the best money management apps for our on-the-move generation:

  1. MTrakr – Money Manager App: If you are looking for an app that efficiently covers all your everyday personal finance needs, then mTrakr will become your new friend. The app is a personal finance management app that intelligently analyses your income and expenses and offers suggestions to reduce overspending. You can also request an expense sheet with proper classifications like shopping, travel, etc., without having to do it yourself. This app does not require any bank passwords and is fully automatic.
  2. Tax Calculator – For most of us, Income tax is an intimidating concept. But did you know technology has made it easier than ever before to calculate the income tax just by installing an app that does the work for you? You will no longer have to get stuck in the complications of the taxation system. With the help of Tax Calculator, you can now compute all your taxes and move towards better tax planning. Download it on your android or iOS smartphone and simply relax.
  3. Splitwise – Bill Split App: Splitting a bill among many people becomes an enormous task, but now you can leave that responsibility on Splitwise. For college students and people who are usually hanging out with their friends in cafes and restaurants, this app offers the ease of dividing the payment that each one has to make. It is easy to use and only requires a few essential pieces of information. You can rely on it to split even joint expenses among roommates.
  4. MoneyTap – For someone who is living from a month-to-month expense account due to a financial emergency, the month-end cash crunch dilemma is an unavoidable certainty. Even meticulous planning of monthly expenses cannot securely prevent a financial challenge. The fear due to lack of money for paying the bills and buying groceries can keep you up at night. That is where a personal loan app like MoneyTap enters into the picture. It is India’s first app-based credit line that guarantees access to a credit amount within 24 hours. The efficiency, security, and digitalization of this app make it a trustworthy choice among many. With the information you provide, this app will check your eligibility by engaging with multiple banks and offer you the names of the ones who are most likely to approve your personal loan.
  5. RelianceSelfi Reliance Selfi is a revolutionary insurance app that makes it convenient for users to plan, navigate, and buy their insurance policies. You can get reliable information and apply for insurance with no paperwork. It offers services like buying and renewing insurance policy from your smartphone, immediate video claim assistance, tracking services, real-time claiming status, and much more. You can log in with your mobile number and even securely upload and save your PAN card, driving licence, and policy copy for easy access at anytime.

Money apps are no longer a rarity. In fact, they have become a significant aspect of mainstream personal financial management. There are reasons why these money apps have continued to gain momentum and popularity among their varied users. They are user-friendly, to begin with, and they have made budgeting cool! With the convenience of planning finances from anywhere, anytime, every individual can now become financially independent. The future trends of this digital money industry aim to offer an even more efficient, convenient, diverse, and rapid app experience. With that, they aim to penetrate a larger segment of users.