Hema Malini: 71 Years of Elegance and Flexibility

The Dream Girl of Bollywood is ageing beautifully and inspiring young talents.

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Hema Malini with Dharmendra

Dream girl of Bollywood, Hema Malini’s birthday was celebrated on 16 October. Hema Malini, also a member of Lok Sabha, stepped into the 71st milestone of her life. The social media sphere was flooded with good wishes from fans and the film fraternity. As Hema Malini raised a toast to another idiosyncratic year ahead, Delhi Post takes the audience on a flashback remembering her contribution to the silver screen.

The vigour of her beauty and her graceful moves have been the same since its initiation. The actress has been a classical dancer and has imprisoned a lot of visions with her unutterable expressions. A Tamil producer, B. Ananthaswami, who was about to make a Hindi film starring Raj Kapoor, thought that no one else could fit into the shoes of the character other than Hema Malini. The young, versatile and attractive actress gave her luck a chance in Sapnoke Saudagar (1968).  The opportunity to work with the god father himself opened doors of success for her and gave a lot of exposure and knowledge at a very tender age.

Belittling all the hurdles that came her way, the actress was managing the ball quite well that was already in her court. At 16, Hema Malini was known to be the Dream Girl, countrywide. Ananthaswami’s efforts in popularizing the film banners were not planned to receive a long-term effect. The charisma of the young girl made the title relevant and eternal.

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With her wonderful screen presence, the artist backed a role in Abhinetri (1970) opposite Shashi Kapoor after Sapnoke Saudagar and was fortunate enough to share the screen with legends, consecutively. The witty soul imbibed her passion into her profession and startled the public with her amazing dancing skills. People started noticing the embellishing essence that was omnipotent and a shower of appreciation was unloaded on her.

The Hema Malini and Dev Anand duo have been an incredible couple on screen as they have been a part of a lot of super hits.

Their very first film Johny Mera Naam was a show changer and the queen of talents was apparently the best actress in Bollywood.

Hema Malini Movies

Bouncers kept on hitting her way and the artist gleamed with a silver lining, every time. The role of Basanti in Sholay (1975) brought her a lot of accolades, worldwide. The role had a certain kind of persona attached to it that attracted people to watch the movie so many times. More than her professional life, the dream girl started laying slabs of her personal life with the man of her dreams after the movie. The reel Basanti–Veeru Jodi that received zenith admiration was protruded in real life as well. The duo did 28 films together and was immensely valued and loved for their bonding.

There should be an equal and opposite competition to comprehend the talent of an artist. Hema Malini worked with marvels like Dev Anand, Raj Kapoor, Rajesh Khanna, Shammi Kapoor, Dharmendra, and Amtab Bachachan had moulded herself evenly well to entertain the spectators. Her performances, songs and appearances are a part of our everyday fables and it screams her victory.

The star has delivered contrasting characters overtime and has astounded the audience, time and again. Be it the role of a calm and silent, rural girl in Khushboo (1975) or a young widow in Andaaz (1971), a perfect businesswoman in Trishul (1978) ora very challenging yet miraculous role in Razia Sultan (1983). Her role in Bhaghban (2003) opposite Amitabh Bachchan has touched our emotional instinct and has left an unwithering impression.

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The quintessential Indian outburst adorns her with splendour and magnificence. Apart from being a fabulous dancer and incomparable actress, our dream girl has the taste of politics. Excelling in the aforementioned fields, she stood for the saffron party and succeeded to be the member of Lok Sabha.

The overtly talented celebrity is a well deserving holder of the Padmashri Award (2000) felicitated by the Government of India. The Best Actress Award and the Lifetime Achievement Award are the two added stones to her glittering crown.

Undoubtedly, the lady is the epitome of exquisiteness and individuality and has left an imprint of her aura which is difficult to fade out even after generations. With half a century of hard work and perseverance and more than 100 projects to flaunt, the elegantly astonishing beauty has glistened with time and is all set to break the record and walk a couple more. May this year unbolt all the hidden prospects to showcase her talent and cease the moment of her agelessness, forever.