Let’s Be Humans First

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I saw three girls

Not more than 10 years of age

Setting up their life’s regular stage

In the corner of the busy street

Selling healthy vegetables that we eat

People buying from them and bargaining

No one was bothered on the youngest one’s ailing.


Next time

Maybe we should be more kind

Not just be blind

Let’s be the humans that belong to humankind.


I saw two brothers

Aged probably ten and thirteen

Taking out trash and people’s empty bins

Famished were their faces

Their eyes had no dreams just empty spaces

No one cared about their proper hygiene

Or if they sleep with empty stomach linings.


Next time

Maybe we should be more compassionate

Not just accept this child labour and communal hate

Let’s be the humans that shows humanly traits.


This time I saw an elderly couple

Seemed like ageing and unemployment were their life’s troubles

Sitting at the entrance of a temple and begging for food

Where greedy humans just waited for their turns too see God

When these God made humans subdued.


Next time

Maybe we should be more caring

Let’s do wilful sharing

Of our privileged resources and funding

Let’s be the humans who save the Earth’s ending.