Love, Caste and Religion

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Only if love was welcomed

Only if love was accepted, embraced

And not running away from a hateful chase


The love of Romeo and Juliet wouldn’t have ended in teenage

Qays wouldn’t have become Majnu had Laila been freed from her parental cage

Sassi would have loved her beloved had she not been a victim of the sectical rage

Ranjha wouldn’t have become a hermit and killed himself

Had Heer not been a sufferer of rampage

All these years, since centuries nothing has changed but people’s age


Put this centuries and decades aside

Let’s talk about the current honor killings and painful divides


I have one question in my mind

Why one belongs to one’s kind?


Someone is Christian, someone is Hindu

His name is Sebastian, her name is Bindu

No one chose their caste and religion

No one knows why they follow a particular tradition

We all close our eyes and join our hands

The way to pray is same across all the lands

Some wear white and some wear black

The thread of the cloth is the same intact.


Had you been given choice, what will you choose?

Will you remain the same or become a different personality?

No one has the answer to this, that’s the beautiful reality.


Just because your ancestors were one

You are acting the same

They still had some sense, you are acting insane

My dear, true religion has love as its name.


There is no shame

There is no shame in falling in love

There is no shame in accepting your love

There is no shame in taking a stand for your love.


Just rise above all these mediocre mindsets

Don’t get trapped in their complex irrational nets

Because the stage is set

All you need to do is to ignite the fire.


The horde in front is a bunch of manipulative lairs

Gone are the days when love stories bite the dust on bookshelves

This time either you win or they lose themselves.