Our Fragile Heart

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I met a girl

Wild and free

She was rebellious

But her heart was weak.

She took life as it came

Enjoying every bit of it

Only to realize in the end

That there was nothing authentic about it.

Heartbroken she roamed aroundTrying to find what was her crime

A fake smile adorned her face

While her heart traveled back in time.

While finding reasonsOf where she went wrong

She met someone Who pushed her beyond.

He rekindled the spark

Brightened her days

And cared for her In his own silly ways.

While she ascended towards

Her newly found life

I smiled and thought,

“Why a girl’s heart is so fragile?”

We love a total stranger

With all our might

Easily falling to every trap

Without thinking of what is right.When heart broken

We take another risk

The adventure in our lifeHow can we even miss?
All that we want
Is love, time and care

This is what fools us best

And this is what makes our love rare.