Saree Run: Delhi to Witness Six kilometre Run in Six Yards

Breaking stereotypes, reviving craft and creating environment awareness, the Pardada Pardadi Educational Society is all set to take a world record with its Handloom Saree Run in Delhi this August.

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Saree Run launch event day

A woman dressed in Saree, which is traditional attire, and running for a cause may sound odd for these times. However, breaking stereotypes, reviving craft and creating environment awareness, the Pardada Pardadi Educational Society (PPES) is all set to take a world record with its Handloom Saree Run in Delhi this August. PPES is organising the one of a kind event to spread rural girl’s education and the need for women empowerment. Over 6000 participants from different age groups and professional backgrounds will run in solidarity for the cause of girl’s education in the “Six kilometre run in six yards”, which will be held in Delhi on 23 August 2020. The run is organised to create awareness that is needed to break the centuries-old stereotypes often linked to oppression as well as the denial of basic human rights to rural girls and women.

The ‘SAREE’ stands as a symbol of womanhood in India which, when combined with the act of running further symbolises the strong undercurrent of women empowerment that is flowing through the most backward regions of India’s rural hinterlands. The idea behind SAREE RUN also stems from PPES attempts to do its bit to revive and support the artisans responsible for creating these masterpieces that have for centuries elegantly clothed half of India’s population.

The Saree Run launch event was held on 8 March, which is celebrated as the International Women’s Day, in Gurugram, Haryana. The event was attended by several corporate heads, media and supporters from various like-minded groups and development sector organisations.

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While talking about the conception of the idea behind the event, Ms Renuka Gupta, Chief Executive Officer, PPES, said “True empowerment is not about what you wear, but how you act to everyday situations.”

It is PPES’ modest attempt to at least create some seedbeds of change that would later work in uplifting the lives of rural girls and women.

“You give them houses, they turn them into homes, challenge them and they prove everyone wrong with unbeatable determination and throw stones on them, they will turn them into a plethora of opportunities. ‘Women in 6-yard Sarees’ not just reminds us of traditional rural women, but also the powerhouse wrapped with unshakable courage and spirit to never give up, the ability to learn and grow,” said Mr Lokender Pal Singh, Board Member, PPES.

The lead supporter for the event, coach Ravinder, who is the co-founder of Run With Me Foundation said, “It’s an inclusive event which will bring together people and communities from all stratum of society and run for “equality for all”. This is going to be the biggest event of the year which will bring century-old stereotypes.”

Founded in the year 2000 by Virendra (Sam) Singh, retired President and Managing Director of DuPont South Asia, Pardada Pardadi Education Society has been creating a lifetime of smiles for thousands of rural girls and women in Anupshahr, Uttar Pradesh. PPES now works with over 1600 girls and about 5000 women in more than a hundred villages in Western Uttar Pradesh. With its work on Education (School and Higher Education), Health and Hygiene, Community Development, and Economic Empowerment, PPES aims to socially uplift and economically empower girls and women in this region. Its ultimate aim is of ensuring financial independence for these girls and women and also to make them as contributing members for their families and communities. PPES today has 118 girls enrolled in higher education and 94 girls working across the world.