The Conniving Crescendo

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That day, the air was combustible

The sunrays had been slitting

The earth as recently whetted sickles

Those prancing Ochre-grins, strutting their new vigour.

Riding on seething winds, Thor had just arrived at Morpheus’s home

Thor’s inflamed hammer, growling all along the way

Though the conciliating ambience in Morpheus’s veranda

Served as Sorbet, hammer thus sat pacified in a corner.


The bone of contention was ‘declining benevolence of mankind’

A random post-siesta talk, prodded by Morpheus around last equinox.

Probability equation infers, Morpheus could have nudged Thor

About the same topic, through last night’s choking dream vales.

The blatant confrontation, surfaced again…

Thor vociferously declared Mankind as guileful parasites

Thriving on vengeance and avarice.


Thor’s hammer emitted those incendiary roars to lunge for Morpheus’s throat

Quivering, Goddess Aurora threw off her green-hued ballerinas

Startled by the hammer shrieks.

Amid the tempestuous ambience

She descends on the gravel landscaped terrain

Somewhere on earth, accidentally.


Her tresses frantically brooming over many shops and buildings, that berserk noon

Perhaps, those towns did experience some mild tremors in those minutes?

Some limpid tears fell from her eyes, undismayed.


They nonchalantly succumbed to the contaminated earthly atoms

Verily, that’s when apocalypse woke up from her swaddled-slumber, after aeons

Plausibly, when she glanced at our greed dribbling cosmos

The first beam of virus called Covid-19 forayed stealthily into our lives

The infinitesimal virus, the conniving crescendo

Who has already begun to read our judgement days.