The Perils of a Soldier

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The perils that a soldier must reckon

He knows it all very well.

He keeps our spirits soaring high,

So much so that

Our pride in his beliefs begin to swell.

The morning comes pretty fast,

We aren’t prepared for the likelihood

That our soldier may not return home today.

Clouds of doubt precipitate and

Colour my consciousness grey, alas!

I want to believe secretly

Though in my heart,

Heart that wishes with might and strength

He will be back, sure he will.

And slap that crazy disbelief of the mind

Put it to rest and hope …

Hope with all the stars in counting

He will be home safe for a greater cause,

To begin again from where he left!!

Our soldier is unassailable,

He can swallow paper

If that is what is needed in the hour.

He’s not afraid of adversity

He braves notorious elements undeterred.

Looks at death with grace.

Fearlessly bound by duty

Bores bullet on his chest

Ensures safety of birds in nest

If there is anything,

We must say to a soldier,

It should be nothing

Of praise or of sympathy

He does not need it.

Heartfelt gratitude is the least,

We can offer to his being.

He doesn’t need flowers or songs,

Is it too much to ask for

The price that he pays

Not only has he put his life in jeopardy

There are lives interwoven,

Let us see and hear with a heart

Not merely eyes and ears.

We all must thank our soldier

For being that valiant one.

We are very proud here today,

You did us so.


The writer, who has been a teacher at General Raj School, is an author and poet based in Gurugram, Hariyana. She writes in English and Hindi. Her first poem was published at the age of 13 years. She can be reached @msanjusethi