The Society

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Photo credit: Molly Belle/@mollybelle

Messed up head,
Cracked up soul,
This ain’t me,
It’s the product of
The Society.

Who tells us
What’s right and what’s wrong,
Should you date someone
Or wander alone,
Until one morning everything changes,
And they suggest to give you
Someone else’s maiden name.

The Society
It tells us,
You are not depressed,
You can’t be upset,
Cause all good people,
Are fucking never Afraid.

Where girls can’t work,
And guys can’t cry,
We don’t even think,
If it’s worth the try.
Cause we are so
Deeprooted with the
Idea of the Society,
Where sometimes to
Fit in your own family
You have to make sacrifices.

I can’t do much about this
That’s the fact
“I” can’t do anything about this
Only “WE” can!