True Friend

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People write that you know your true friend during your hard times

When you’re in pain and down

Helps you cope with traumas when no-one’s around

During your happy times and when you accomplish something in your town

I reply, I found that friend

It was actually my own self!

Whenever I achieve a little thing

I gift her flowers and put them on her shelf

I embrace her when she’s not feeling well

Talk to her that things will be alright

And for the past events she shouldn’t dwell

I look deeply at her eyes in the mirror and tell her

You deserve what’s always the best and to never look for what’s less 

That your inner beauty is important

And what defines you is your attitude and your soul

And whoever is looking for only your appearance is just a fool

I wipe her tear and push her to face her fear

I look for what cheers her up, and help her when she is stuck

 I apologize to her when things go rougher

And for making her sometimes continue to suffer

However, for I never compare her to others

Nor judge her for what she does, and tell her to never fuss 

As no-one on this earth is perfect

Perfection is only for God, so others’ thoughts about her won’t affect 

I’d happily say, on her, I only depend

She’s my only and always true friend  

I advise you not to complain if you don’t have any

While yourself is always there until the end honey.